Summer Adventures: From Hiking to Cycling

The hiking craze didn’t end after Garibaldi. 2 days later, I attempted hiking Dog Mountain which is close to Mt Seymour! If you’re looking for an easy hike not too far away from Vancouver, I’d recommend Dog Mountain! 45 minutes drive and a 2-3 hour hike up and down. The only reservation I had was the crazy number of flies at Dog Mountain that I read in reviews… but honestly, the fly situation at Garibaldi was worse..


The four hikers for the day! 🙂 They were so kind to teach me Cantonese along the way haha now I think I’ve one too many languages jumbled up in my brain.

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In Celebration


With all the festivities/public holidays, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share some pictures of fireworks that I got to enjoy during the Celebration of Lights Festival! Its a yearly musical fireworks competition held in Vancouver and usually 3 different countries compete for the best fireworks display. Its way better than any other fireworks shows because its a competition and it lasts for almost half an hour! This year, Canada, UK and Thailand competed so there were 3 nights in total, but I chose to go for Canada’s display since I couldn’t make it on the other two nights. And guess what, Canada won! 😀


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Weekend Adventures: Blueberry Farm, White Pine Beach, Buntzen Lake, Spanish Banks

This post is coming up a little later than it should as I’ve been so busy this week with events and assignments on top of midterms so I’m trying to get the most done before leaving for Kelowna tomorrow!

Here’s what I was up to last weekend:

Saturday was Family Day! I was so excited that we had this day planned out to explore  places together! Since we live in Vancouver, we hardly go out to the other cities like Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Delta etc.. so this week, we searched for sights close to Coquitlam! Conquering one city at a time. 😀

Destination #1: Blueberry Farm

We started the day off in Richmond’s Blueberry Farm! We really wanted to pick some berries as they are in season… However, the farm we visited set a minimum of 5 pounds per person and since there were 3 of us that means we had to pick 15 pounds in total! That’s way too many blueberries for 3 of us and we’d probably take the whole day to pick that amount so we decided to just buy a box and move on to our next destination.


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Weekend Adventures: Stawamus Chief Hike


The past weekend, six of us drove up to the Chief for some healthy fun – HIKING! It was about an hour drive away from Vancouver. I’ve heard so much about it and I couldn’t wait to see the incredible view for myself!!

I used to be so much of a city girl till I came to Vancouver! Now, I find myself growing to love nature, hiking and the outdoors so much. The magic of Beautiful British Columbia! Just when I thought I’ve seen the best of BC, something else ALWAYS manages to surprise me and take my breath away… We drove there via the Sea to Sky highway – and the ride was so beautiful! (I’ll remember to take a video next time!)

(Warning: Extremely image heavy under the cut!)

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