Travelogue: Victoria, BC

Before all the craziness of school started, we decided to set aside one day to explore Victoria! It is a place that I’ve always wanted to go to, as I’ve heard so many people raving about the Butchart Gardens and the Parliament Building and I’m glad to finally see them for myself! We were really privileged to have Nickey as our tour guide – this guy knows all the places to go and he can travel without a GPS! He’s like a walking wikipedia/navigator, he can answer all our questions!

We covered so many places in a day, and I love how Victoria has this vintage charm to it – the castles, heritage buildings, artistically planted gardens, all came together to paint this perfect picture of a city.


Read on to discover our itinerary for the day!

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Weekend Adventures: Garibaldi Lake Hike

When your schedule gets a little too routined, find activities that will help to inject some life into it! For me, I’ve discovered a new hobby of mine – hiking! It’s healthy, good exercise, and the view is always so rewarding at the end. Talk about delayed gratification! It’s also perfect for summer so I’ve been taking advantage of the amazing weather we have here in Vancity to do more outdoor activities before we lose Vancouver to the rain.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to complete the Garibaldi Lake Hike with 10 other people! Initially, the weather forecast did not seem promising (Chance of thundershowers!) but we bit the bullet and went ahead with it and thank goodness we did because when we reached Garibaldi Provincial Park, the skies cleared up and the scenery was beautiful! It took us about an hour and a half to drive there, its past the Chief (the previous hike we did), and really close to Whistler!



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Travelogue: Kelowna, BC (Part 2)

I love short getaways like this, because it really frees the mind from all worries, like a little escape from reality! It was especially relaxing when we visited this city as it felt more like a countryside, and we lived the country lifestyle – eating fruits right out from the garden, being surrounded by mountains and lakes, and driving miles and miles to get to our destinations.


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Travelogue: Kelowna, BC (Part 1)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

We took a road trip down to Kelowna this weekend – drove down on Friday night and came back on Sunday! It was a 5 hour drive down (we keep going further every week!) but it was so worth it. Luckily for us, we were graciously hosted by Andrew and Hsu in Kelowna and they made us feel right at home! They brought us around and even gave us an entire list of what to do, places to eat before the trip, which was really helpful for planning our itinerary! Technically we had only about a day and a half to explore since we spent most of the time on the road but we managed to do quite a lot in that amount of time.

IMG_2285 - Version 2

We reached Kelowna at about midnight so it was pitch dark and we couldn’t see anything around the house. So imagine our surprise the next day when we woke up to this incredible view…

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Weekend Adventures: Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake, Stargazing

How’s your weekend been?

This week, we decided on exploring more of what BC had to offer! There’s no lack of activities to do in Summer here in BC, but they’re typically in the outskirts and require us to drive quite a distance (2 hours) to get there! We had an itinerary planned out for the day – Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake Waterpark, and Stargazing at McDonald Park in Abbotsford!

I was feeling all jumpy and excited the night before because we were going to the waterpark!!! The last time I went to one was 4-5 years ago and that was Wild Wild Wet in Singapore. There were some similar rides but I still had so much fun! Theme parks really bring out the inner child in me.

Here’s a video that Nic compiled of our exciting day using his gopro camera! You’ll be able to see snippets of Harrison Hot Springs and our rides at the Waterpark! 🙂

Now for a pictorial update!

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