Weekend Adventures: Garibaldi Lake Hike

When your schedule gets a little too routined, find activities that will help to inject some life into it! For me, I’ve discovered a new hobby of mine – hiking! It’s healthy, good exercise, and the view is always so rewarding at the end. Talk about delayed gratification! It’s also perfect for summer so I’ve been taking advantage of the amazing weather we have here in Vancity to do more outdoor activities before we lose Vancouver to the rain.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to complete the Garibaldi Lake Hike with 10 other people! Initially, the weather forecast did not seem promising (Chance of thundershowers!) but we bit the bullet and went ahead with it and thank goodness we did because when we reached Garibaldi Provincial Park, the skies cleared up and the scenery was beautiful! It took us about an hour and a half to drive there, its past the Chief (the previous hike we did), and really close to Whistler!



We had such a large group of us, but we managed to keep a steady pace and complete it altogether! So proud of everyone of us who did it, some of them were even first time hikers! It was a pretty intense hike, the trails got pretty steep at some point and we were walking and walking for 4 hours before we could stop to get a proper rest. Oh, and not forgetting, the park was infested with mosquitoes – we could hardly stop because the mosquitoes were everywhere… So, if you’re planning to attempt this hike, please remember to bring lots of water and BUG SPRAY! Oh, and we also tried this new method of warding off mosquitoes — dryer sheets! A sales assistant recommended us to try it – just rub it on ourselves because insects hate that scent. I think it worked to some extent!

IMG_2552 IMG_2555

At the beginning of the hike! IMG_2557 IMG_2558

We finally found a place to rest after 2 and a half hours! Look at the view! IMG_2564

Happy us getting recharged with all our snacks/fruits/water. 😀 IMG_2569



Almost there! Look at the glistening waters! At this point, we could hardly wait to see the view… IMG_2595IMG_2597

When we finally got to our intended destination – Garibaldi Lake, we were completely in awe. It was so gorgeous, so enchanting, and definitely something you have to see in real life because pictures don’t do it enough justice. The glistening waters, majestic mountains and glaciers put together to form this picturesque view. The wonders of God’s creation.


IMG_2617 IMG_2599 IMG_2601

We decided to see how many people we can squeeze on a rock! The result? 6 and a half?

IMG_2631IMG_2649 IMG_2615 IMG_2653 IMG_2662

We completed the hike in 8 hours (the longest hike I’ve ever done!) and it was an enjoyable journey as along the way, I got to learn some Japanese words and more about the Japanese culture from the girls. They’re so kawaii! 😉

Time passes so quickly when you’re having fun! Just had a great long weekend here in Vancouver, and there’s an upcoming long weekend in Singapore as well!

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!




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