Travelogue: Kelowna, BC (Part 2)

I love short getaways like this, because it really frees the mind from all worries, like a little escape from reality! It was especially relaxing when we visited this city as it felt more like a countryside, and we lived the country lifestyle – eating fruits right out from the garden, being surrounded by mountains and lakes, and driving miles and miles to get to our destinations.


Where we stayed for 2 nights! IMG_2309

The next morning, we headed to The Jammery for brunch! Okay maybe it was lunch since we reached around noon, but this place was packed with people even though it was in the middle of a highway! IMG_2311 IMG_2314 IMG_2315 IMG_2318

An entire range of tea!!!! Tea lovers will be spoilt for choice. I don’t drink tea (except bubble tea) so I bought JAM instead! They had so many different flavors and even some with liquor added inside! Can’t wait to try them! IMG_2320


We had to wait about half an hour for our turn so we used the time to take pictures! IMG_2333 IMG_2336 IMG_2337

Tea is the new beer for these guys. 😀 Aren’t the teapots so cute? IMG_2341

My delicious waffles!!! IMG_2347 IMG_2348I really liked the ambience of this place and not to mention the food!! One of the best breakfast places I’ve tried. 🙂 Would definitely head back there if I’ve the chance! If only it wasn’t a 5 hour drive away…

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving back to Vancouver. We finally reached back at 8pm and rewarded ourselves with good ol’ Korean food in Coquitlam! Coquitlam’s like the Ktown of Vancouver, there were so many korean restaurants all around!

IMG_2353 IMG_2355 IMG_2357 IMG_2358

I’m so glad I chose to be in Vancouver this summer because the perfect weather calls for all our outdoor activities! They’ve just declared that this July is the sunniest month since July 1985! If there is no rain tomorrow, it will be the first time that a whole calendar month is completely dry in Vancouver! (Source) Really loving this weather and I don’t want summer to end. 😦

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

Thank you so much for reading!




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