Weekend Adventures: Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake, Stargazing

How’s your weekend been?

This week, we decided on exploring more of what BC had to offer! There’s no lack of activities to do in Summer here in BC, but they’re typically in the outskirts and require us to drive quite a distance (2 hours) to get there! We had an itinerary planned out for the day – Harrison Hot Springs, Cultus Lake Waterpark, and Stargazing at McDonald Park in Abbotsford!

I was feeling all jumpy and excited the night before because we were going to the waterpark!!! The last time I went to one was 4-5 years ago and that was Wild Wild Wet in Singapore. There were some similar rides but I still had so much fun! Theme parks really bring out the inner child in me.

Here’s a video that Nic compiled of our exciting day using his gopro camera! You’ll be able to see snippets of Harrison Hot Springs and our rides at the Waterpark! 🙂

Now for a pictorial update!

First stop of the day: Harrison Hot Springs!

It was my second time here and this place is still as beautiful as ever! Its a great place for a leisurely afternoon to chill, relax and soak in the hot springs 🙂 We could’ve stayed longer but we had more plans for the day! We had a great picnic under the sunny skies and before the picturesque view. It was perfect.


IMG_1863 IMG_1867 IMG_1872 IMG_1876 IMG_1879

Second Stop: Cultus Lake Waterpark!

cultus-lake-waterpark-waterslides-2 water_park

Some pictures of the waterpark that I got off Google since we couldn’t bring a camera around! 1011975_10151541760580679_1885728411_n

Our only group picture since we were too busy having fun on the slides!

Third Stop: Cultus Lake!


This was an impromptu stop since it was really close to the waterpark! So thankful we did even though we were all starving because the view was breathtaking 🙂

IMG_1883 IMG_1884

There were people on jet skis and boats which looked like so much fun!!! Definitely something I’d love to try someday 🙂

IMG_1888 IMG_1893

We stopped at Maurya Indian Bistro for dinner then headed to the McDonald Dark Sky Park in Abbotsford, BC! We waited till around 11pm when it got darker and there was zero artificial light around just so that we can get a clearer view of the stars.

It was incredible. We saw countless number of stars!!!! As the night went on, more stars kept appearing and we even saw SHOOTING STARS!!!!!! For the first time in my life… I made a wish upon a shooting star and I’m so contented. My life will be complete once I see the Northern Lights next 🙂

I tried to take a picture for you guys but this was what I got….


so I had to Google and this was what the park looked like! Its known for stargazing 🙂 tumblr_lavmwmBpbt1qbvxcso1_500

Thanks for the amazing company guys! Because of them, I’m always looking forward to the weekends!

Happy Sunday!




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