Travelogue: Los Angeles – City of Angels

After the East Coast trip, my parents and I decided to take a short trip to LA!!! I love the city of angels, the palm trees, beaches, sunshine! Perfect weather all year round – there’s everything to love! Here’s a short summary of the places we went to – didn’t take as many pictures because we took so many during our east coast trip! We rented a car and drove around LA – for those of you who haven’t been there, public transport isn’t that convenient in LA! The last time my friends and I visited 2 years back, we got lost for 6 hours trying to get back to our hostel from Hollywood – that’s how confusing the public transit system is there! IMG_1113 IMG_1118

We found the famous Hollywood Sign! 🙂 But we couldn’t drive up nearer to see it because the road was blocked. IMG_1121

LA’s skyline 🙂 I didn’t edit any of my photos!IMG_1123

Griffith Observatory! When we were there, the weather was H O T. The sun rays were scorching and I think it went up to 30+ degrees celsius! I felt like I was back in Singapore but minus the humidity. IMG_1129 IMG_1132 IMG_1135 IMG_1142 IMG_1144 IMG_1162 IMG_1164 IMG_1167

Rodeo Drive!! IMG_1169 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1181 IMG_1193

Spotted these broccoli- like trees on the drive to Beverly Hills 🙂 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1200

And this was our rental car for the trip! Super comfy and huge 5 seater for the 3 of us 🙂 IMG_1203We drove by the touristy areas like the Hollywood Strip, Sunset Blvd, Chinatown etc as well! I was the navigator for the trip and it was such a tough job cause even with the GPS, we can still take the wrong exits! LA highways are so crazy and there’s just too many of them! I still like LA overall – but it would be better if there were more Asian food, it was so hard to find decent Asian restaurants around! Maybe we just didn’t know where to look!

Till the next! ❤


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