Travelogue: Day 7 – Boston

First stop on our itinerary the next day: Harvard University!

There’s something really nostalgic about uniformed red brick buildings in schools, and that attaches a form of beauty to it – old school beauty? The school lived up to its hype, I was charmed by how beautiful and serene the school was (visiting in the early mornings attributed to that fact). Besides the school, the university village nearby was filled with so many cafes/restaurants, the students must be really well-fed!


IMG_0696 IMG_0702 IMG_0714 IMG_0717

Downtown Boston was next! I really loved the city of Boston, more than NY/Toronto/Montreal in fact! In such a modernized world, its no surprise to see an ancient building beside a skyscraper, oh the contrast. IMG_0732 IMG_0756 IMG_0764 IMG_0759

Next, we took the Boston boat cruise to tour the city since we weren’t given much time in Boston itself, so the tour guide recommended for us to take it! However, to be honest, the sights on the boat cruise were just.. average. We got a good view of the city buildings, but that was it.  I love being on boat rides though, I feel like all my worries can just be swept away by the sea breeze. IMG_0769 IMG_0774 IMG_0781

My favorite stop next: Quincy’s Market! There was so many interesting and DELICIOUS food stalls, just thinking about it makes me hungry! I didn’t take many pictures though because I was busy videoing hehe, it was this whole stretch of food places with everything – seafood, italian, japanese, chinese, western, so much food!  We had the clam chowder and the lobster sandwich (I know, more lobster!) but it was so good.  I think lobsters are really popular in Boston! IMG_0795 IMG_0796 IMG_0805 IMG_0809 IMG_0810 IMG_0811The tour bus dropped us off at New York after that where we spent the next 4 days touring!!! 🙂 I liked that we planned our trip such that a part of it is with a tour, and the second part is free and easy! With the tour, everything was so convenient – hotels/transport/attractions/food are settled and we can just relax and enjoy ourselves. The trade-off is: early wakeup calls, but that’s about it. With free and easy, we get the opportunity to explore a city without guidance, wake up as and when we like. The tradeoff: A lot of researching beforehand, navigating, walking, and getting lost. Haha, but to each his own, I like the mix of experiences and getting to experience it as a family made it so much better. 😀 When traveling with my friends, I often think to myself “If only my family was here to experience this with me” and that makes me a little sad. Now that I’ve them with me on this trip, I just want to remember every moment – which is why I took so many photos and videos! 🙂 Going to compile the videos when I find the time to.

Okay time to catch some shuteye! Hiking Grouse Mountain tomorrow! 😀

Have a great week ahead you guys 🙂




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