Travelogue: A day in Seattle!

IMG_1504I decided to get a head start on blogging about our day trip while its still fresh in my mind! It was a rather impromptu trip that we decided to take! One of the perks of living in Vancouver, we are right by the border to the States so this means that its really convenient for us to go there! Downtown Seattle is about a 2 and a half hour drive away from Vancouver. 🙂

Our first destination of the day: Pike’s Place Public Market! There really isn’t that many places to sightsee in Seattle so this is one of the most touristy spots in Seattle.

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Random acts of kindness

Recently, I’ve been exposed to random acts of kindness that really made my days. Its so heartening to know that in the heart of the city of Vancouver – there are people who care, and people who would go out of their way to make you smile.

Just the other day, I was on the bus when this man in his fifties/sixties came to sit next to me, I could feel that he was looking in my direction but I didn’t make eye contact. I just continued the journey, minding my own business, and while I was applying my lip balm he started talking to me. I was using the EOS lip balm which was in the shape of a ball (love it!) and he used that to start the conversation with me saying how cute it was..

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Travelogue: Los Angeles – City of Angels

After the East Coast trip, my parents and I decided to take a short trip to LA!!! I love the city of angels, the palm trees, beaches, sunshine! Perfect weather all year round – there’s everything to love! Here’s a short summary of the places we went to – didn’t take as many pictures because we took so many during our east coast trip! We rented a car and drove around LA – for those of you who haven’t been there, public transport isn’t that convenient in LA! The last time my friends and I visited 2 years back, we got lost for 6 hours trying to get back to our hostel from Hollywood – that’s how confusing the public transit system is there! IMG_1113 IMG_1118

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Travelogue: Day 8 – The Big Apple NYC

Visiting NYC was on one of my travel bucket lists and I’m so glad to have visited! The city lights, billboards, apartments, towers were just as how they were pictured in the movies, drama serials –  glamorous. These shows painted the perfect picture of NYC.  But what weren’t pictured were the subway stations, the houses in the suburbs, which are essential to getting the full picture of NYC. This trip made me realize how I was accustomed to the slow pace of life after being in Vancouver for awhile now, and NYC was a tad too crowded and busy for me! I still loved sightseeing there though, it was nice to see what was on screen in real life – its like living in a dream.

The Upper East Side – front porches, doormen,  beautiful apartments buildings.

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