Travelogue: Day 5 – Thousand Islands/Montreal


Woke up bright and early next morning and made our way down to the Thousand Islands!! We took a boat cruise and also enjoyed a brunch buffet on the cruise 🙂



Boldt Castle

IMG_0368 IMG_0360

So, as the name goes, this area is filled with 1864 islands that spans across the Canadian and US border! It is also a place for the rich to buy their own islands and vacation homes, and the thousand islands is only open in summer as the lake is frozen for the rest of the year!

I just wiki-ed this and it says to count as one of the Thousand Islands, these minimum criteria had to be met. 1) Above water level all year round; 2) Have an area greater than 1 square foot; and 3) Support at least one living tree.


It was a beautiful boat ride and I loved it! Canada has so many beautiful places that I haven’t been to…I love being by the sea, by the mountains and trees. The air is fresher, the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. Perks of living in Vancouver! I love how we always know where the North just by looking at the mountains. 😀

After our tummies were filled and we’ve seen the Thousand Islands, it was time to move on to our next destination! Downtown Ottawa is home to this beautiful parliament building in the picture below! Do the skies get any bluer here??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such blue skies until I came to Canada! The only catch is that the sun rays are a lot stronger so sunblock is an absolute necessity! IMG_0434

IMG_0431 IMG_0447 IMG_0457 IMG_0463#chubzanddbz shot of the day! We came up with that hashtag during our trip so you can find us on instagram 😀 hehe

IMG_0471Our feeble attempt at taking an ootd shot. :/

(Necklace & Top by Forever 21, Skirt by Topshop, Bag by Michael Kors, Shoes from Singapore!)

IMG_0472When in Canada, you have to try the Canadian hotdogs! (According to our tour guide) Hehe it was goooooood.

IMG_0491 IMG_0488Visited the St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, and this is the city view I got from up there! Montreal seems particularly gloomy in this picture don’t you think? Didn’t get to spend much time in this city, but we did visit the Chinatown for dinner!

IMG_0509As usual, what is typical of most Chinatowns, the red entrance that distinctly welcomes you. Was expecting to see a lot of Chinese food, but I was surprised..

IMG_0514There were so many PHO places around!!! Vietnamese beef noodles ftw. I realized that there are actually many Vietnamese people living in Montreal! This restaurant was where we had dinner at that day.. strongly recommended by our tour guide!


We also found this really old school shop selling all sorts of knick knacks. I even bought my favorite gummies Poifull there! I spent my childhood watching Pokemon with my Dad and he loved collecting these figurines so I’ve more than a hundred of them at home!! We had a poster with all the pokemons and their names and we would just tick them off one by one when we’ve collected them. Remember the time when McDonald’s Happy Meal toys were the 101 Dalmatians and each week they came out with 5 different dalmatians in different costumes? We collected them too! I had countless happy meals just to collect these toys.. 😀 Thinking back now, I think I had quite a happy childhood! We also have sets of VCDs of Power Rangers, season after season! Come to think of it, we barely watched any girly shows till a later age!

Okay more pictures in store next post so stay tuned!! 😀




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