Travelogue: Day 4 – Niagara Falls/Toronto

The next day, we had a call time of 6AM? Or thereabouts, I remember it being really early but somehow all of us managed to get up and still look bright and fresh because it was going to be an exciting day!!

IMG_0012So first thing in the morning, we crossed the border over to Canada!! We were so lucky because the weather was so perfect throughout the trip! The weather at the Niagara Falls is typically rainy/cloudy most of the year so we were so blessed to have gone on a sunny day with clear skies!! 😀 Having lived in Vancouver, we do not take sunny days for granted because they are so rare – it probably rains more than two-thirds of the year so when its sunny, everyone starts to dress up and lounge on the fields/grass etc.


IMG_0017 IMG_0019 IMG_0022Us in our ponchos getting ready to get on the Maid of the Mist!! It’s the boat that brings us right underneath the Falls, giving us a closer view and a first hand experience of how powerful the falls actually are. The poncho was an absolute necessity! I tried to take pictures but my camera lens ended up getting all wet!! IMG_0062

While on the boat, we saw a rainbow!!! There’s something so magical about rainbows that makes me happy – seeing it at the Niagara Falls was the cherry on top of the cake! IMG_0080

This is what every boat looks like – filled with people in blue ponchos screaming and running around to avoid getting splashed by the falls. Luckily we chose the bottom deck or we would have been soaked!! I would definitely take the boat again if given the chance, it was an incredible experience. IMG_0115

After the boat ride, we were taken to the revolving restaurant on the top of Skylon Tower! This day just keeps getting better. Revolving restaurants are aplenty nowadays but one right by the Niagara Falls? It brings lunch with a view to another level! Throughout lunch, we kept ourselves busy with all our devices – for me, my iPad, camera, and blackberry, trying to take pictures of everything – and indulging in the fantastic lunch that was provided. It was definitely one of the best experiences during the trip! IMG_0149 IMG_0163 IMG_0158 IMG_0193 IMG_0217

Next, we went for an iMax movie which I fell asleep in, then we proceeded on to one of the tallest towers in the world – the CN Tower in Toronto! We went up to the 113/114th level and got a bird’s eye view of Toronto! IMG_0222 IMG_0225 IMG_0260 IMG_0304 IMG_0317

Visited the University of Toronto campus and downtown Toronto as well… and we ended off the day with an 8 course meal at a chinese restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown! There were crabs, fish, peking duck, I’m getting hungry reminiscing! Oh, how I miss Chinese food ~ always an Asian girl at heart. IMG_0320 IMG_0321

That sums up day 4! My favorite day in the entire trip – and now you know the reason why 😉

Stay tuned for more travel posts!




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