Travelogue: Day 1 – Seattle


Just came back from the best family vacation. I decided it was worthwhile for me to attempt to pen down our memories from the trip for the future because I do not have the best memory. Being together with the family is something I never ever take for granted.  Having lived overseas alone for 2 years, I really appreciate being with my family. I treasure every moment spent with them, and I secretly wish that it could last forever 🙂

So first up on our trip! The Skagit Tulip Festival along the highway to Seattle! It was my second time there and the tulips never fail to disappoint. My sister, being the nature/flower enthusiast that she is, was so excited upon seeing fields and fields of tulips! This shows how excited she was 🙂


Next stop, Alderwood Mall, one of my favorite malls close to Seattle as they’ve all the shops you want there! A&F, Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora! There’s also the Designer Shoe Warehouse nearby, for all shoe lovers out there.

My sister’s second weakness: Cupcakes!! Chanced upon this lovely cupcake store and she just had to get her favorite cookies & cream cupcake 😀



We flew to New York that very night so I’ll save my NY posts for later!

Meanwhile, its the long weekend both in the US and Singapore – Happy Memorial Day Weekend (US) and Vesak Day! (Singapore)


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