Travelogue: Day 6: Quebec City/Boston

Quebec City was one of my favorite destinations for the trip! The entire city is filled with buildings with beautiful architecture, and the city’s so neat and clean! I heard that the people living there really take ownership of their own city and keep it in pristine condition. Comparing it to the other cities on this trip, Quebec City was a breath of fresh air. A quaint town with the prettiest buildings, no congestion, and a peaceful environment, what’s not to love? IMG_0585 IMG_0611

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My 22nd

Decided to break the monotony of my travelogues with a personal post! As most of you already know, I celebrated my 22nd birthday recently! Been so busy since I got back from my trips that 22nd of May just creeped up on me and before I knew it, I had hardly any plans for that day! Being in Vancouver in Summer can get quite lonely, since most of my close friends fly back to their home countries for summer! Thankfully, I’ve a bunch of friends who planned a cosy dinner for me at a Korean restaurant, it was a simple, but fun night with them. They made me feel so special and loved!

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Travelogue: Day 4 – Niagara Falls/Toronto

The next day, we had a call time of 6AM? Or thereabouts, I remember it being really early but somehow all of us managed to get up and still look bright and fresh because it was going to be an exciting day!!

IMG_0012So first thing in the morning, we crossed the border over to Canada!! We were so lucky because the weather was so perfect throughout the trip! The weather at the Niagara Falls is typically rainy/cloudy most of the year so we were so blessed to have gone on a sunny day with clear skies!! 😀 Having lived in Vancouver, we do not take sunny days for granted because they are so rare – it probably rains more than two-thirds of the year so when its sunny, everyone starts to dress up and lounge on the fields/grass etc.


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Travelogue: Day 2-3 – New York/Niagara Falls

We followed a tour for 6 days and 5 nights and got to visit East Canada & US! Mainly the Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Boston. So after resting for a day, we set off with a fantastic tour guide who had our best interests at heart, so much that we really enjoyed the trip!!

We set off from New York and visited the Corning Glass Museum. It was a beautiful museum filled with rare glass pieces of all sorts. ImageImageImage

Can you believe this picture is made up of tiny glass pieces?

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