Skater Skirt Sets

The Skater Skirt has definitely become a fashion staple in my wardrobe and I came up with four different ways of how I would pair a skater skirt in the two most classic colours – black & nude! It was a relatively easy task considering how versatile these two colors were.

Here’s a set which I find super summer-friendly and oozing with femininity:


Next up – a comfortable outfit for those festival days/just running errands around town.


The Skater Skirt can also be paired for dressier occasions! Here’s my take on it:

ImageProxy-3.mvc ImageProxy-2.mvc

There’s just so many different ways to pair it which makes it such a staple!! Definitely one of the pieces I’d always reach for when I can’t think of what to wear. Instantly dresses the outfit up and makes it fun and flirty! Have you gotten your skater skirt yet? If you haven’t – you can find them in BlackΒ and NudeΒ here!

Happy Wednesday everyone!



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